Use DISC to Optimize All Meetings

There are many guides for running meetings, even virtual ones…but nothing beats the detailed knowledge of knowing the DISC style of your participants. Who needs to be talkative? Who’s questioning? Who will jump in and offer solutions? Who’s more circumspect and needs to be drawn out? DISC helps everyone understand each other’s priorities, capitalize on their strengths, and minimize less useful tendencies. Knowing DISC styles enables you to adapt your communication style—and your meeting structure—to work better with everyone.
For example:
D’s prefer meetings that are short, direct with minimal small talk or side chatter. They appreciate a timed agenda and push to make decisions. They tune out if the subject doesn’t affect them directly.
I’s love to express their personal opinions and want time to socialize before and after (during?!?) the meeting. They enjoy open dialogue and utilize the chat feature.
S’s want a meeting outline in advance to plan what they are going to say. They prefer meetings where everyone has a chance to be heard and there is little conflict.
C’s want to be sure that the presenter has “done their homework!” They are quiet and don’t want to be rushed or pressured until they recheck the facts. C’s appreciate privacy and often have their webcams disabled on virtual meetings.
People also have blended DISC styles, DI, SC, etc. Each DISC profile is personalized, resulting in a completely authentic, positive user experience. You will better understand, appreciate and work better with your co-workers in ways you hadn’t before.
Today, culture is more important than ever and relieving pain points (often in meetings!!) can help! Leveraging a tool like DISC identifies and fixes these pain points, leading to a more desirable work environment for all.
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