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Hull and Associates, Dr. Mimi Hull – A DISC Holiday Season!

A DISC Holiday Season!

The Holiday season is now upon us and here are our holiday DISC behaviors! If you go to one store and get everything, you may be a D. if you love holiday parties, you may be an I. If you prefer to stick with your holiday traditions, your S is showing. If you have a holiday budget and you stick to it, you may be a C. Here are some holiday movies and their DISC characters.

The D: Dominant Type – Ebenezer Scrooge is an example of a D in overdrive!
In A Christmas Carol, he does things his way. Through the visitation of his former business partner and the three ghosts of Christmas, he becomes a kind and generous man, allowing others to take the lead when need be. If you are a Dominant: D, make sure you allow others to take some control and try to relax.

The I: Influential Type – The Nightmare Before Christmas makes way for Jack Skellington, who is influenced by the spirit, joy, and decorative nature of Christmas Town.
Though he is from Halloween Town, he goes above and beyond to bring the festivities of Christmas Town to Halloween Town. Throughout the movie, Jack Skellington is a great example of the Influential: I personality. If you are an Influential: I, be careful you don’t schedule too many festivities!

The S: Steadiness Type – Buddy the Elf, from the movie Elf, is a great example of the Steady: S personality.
Buddy is able to provide support to anyone who needs it. Throughout the movie, he consistently spreads the love of Christmas. This can be seen through his decorating abilities and his knowledge about the North Pole. If you are a Steady: S personality, be sure that while you provide support for others, you also take care of yourself.

The C: Conscientious Type – The Grinch is a character who is a strong C.
He strived for the perfection of the imperfect Christmas. For Conscientious: C personalities, be sure to accept imperfection. If things do not go as planned, take a breath and get some quiet time!

Whatever your DISC type, we wish you a Happy, Healthy, Holiday Season!