Dear Dr. Mimi- Lost

Dear Dr. Mimi:

Three months ago, I emailed my supervisor giving him notice about a four-day vacation I am taking next week, and said that if he had any objections to let me know ASAP. I never heard anything and went ahead and made plans. Today, I received an email from him implying that if I go, I could be fired, but he didn’t give me a reason why I couldn’t go. What should I do? I don’t want to lose my job.


Dear Lost:

Ideally, you should have received confirmation about your vacation from your supervisor that you could go, rather than his letting you know if you couldn’t. Show him the email and let him know that since you hadn’t had an objection, you made your plans. Let him also know that you enjoy your job and will work hard before and after the vacation! If he still threatens you without a reason, talk to someone higher up and/or human resources.

—Dr. Mimi

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