You Need to Know Your Work Style!

At work, as well as at home, people approach their work differently. Knowing how you do this helps you and your team reduce stress, become much more efficient and have fewer conflicts.

Are you a D? Strong D types are known for being decisive, daring, dominant, and visionary. They are idea-oriented individuals, who are not afraid to try new things and come up with new ideas. They are big-picture thinkers and risk-takers. They make their organizations thrive by introducing trending ideas and
opportunities and are extremely driven and motivated by getting work done fast and efficiently.

Are you an I? Strong I types are interactive, intuitive and are wonderful at influencing others as well as getting them enthusiastic about what they are doing. They are usually positive and engaging. Their verbal skills are excellent and you can get their best work by having them “talk it out.” Strong Is are excellent at
reading people. They know when things are not going well and when they are! They are optimistic, friendly, and have a “sixth sense” when it comes to people.

Are you an S?
Strong S types are supportive and systematic. They are the glue that holds organizations together, especially during change. They love logic and can create systems that anyone can follow. Strong Ss are the best listeners and build positive and productive relationships. These individuals make building a team a priority. They strive to help fellow employees succeed and to have their organization go in the right direction.

Are you a C? Strong C types are conscientious, careful, and data-driven. They are known as problem solvers because they analyze specific situations and work to solve them by researching and coming up with logical and precise answers. These individuals think strategically and value accuracy. They will carefully check their work and be sure that the answers are correct before they share them with others. They like to do things right the first time and hate making revisions once a project is completed.

How can you learn your work style and the work styles of those around you? Take
a DISC profile.
Completing the DISC assessment will tell you not just your style
but also how you can best work with others! Contact us today!

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