Dealing With Workplace Stress

Work brings a lot of pressure and work-related stress. Managing stress can be forgotten during times of extreme stress and you may feel too scared or overwhelmed to express your feelings. If you fail to manage your stress, it can build up and significantly impact your mental and physical state long term.

Some common work-related stressors include excessive workloads, difficult deadlines, low salaries, and lack of social support. While these sources are work-related, they can follow you home and take a toll on your total well-being. Here are some ways to combat stress.

Journal and track your stressors. This can help establish healthy responses to stress. Simply writing things down will also keep the ideas from swarming in your head and thus reduce your stress.

Do acts of self-care to recharge your mind and relieve stress. Eat healthily and get enough sleep and exercise to give you more energy during the day and reduce your stress. Limiting screen time before bed contributes to better sleeping patterns.

Disconnect from work and relax. If you feel like you must check on work during your time off, set a specific time to do this, rather than checking and rechecking.

Reach out for support. Getting support within the workplace, with friends, and/or with a professional can help build trust and alleviate stress.

Speak up and advocate for yourself. Setting healthy boundaries relieves pressure. Don’t over-commit and be straightforward with what you can reasonably complete.

Create routines and a balanced schedule. With a balanced plan, you can find time to take care of yourself and also complete strict deadlines and manage your busy work schedule.

Find meaning within your work and take pride in what you are doing. This alleviates stress by making work less of a drag and more purposeful.

If you do these tips, the stress in the workplace and the toll on your health will lessen.

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