Becoming a Great Leader – Four Simple Reminders

Has your new leadership promotion taken you outside your comfort zone or perhaps you don’t feel like you are a natural-born leader? Great leaders are not born. They are developed. They give the organization direction while inspiring people to strive toward a common vision. Here are things that separate great leaders from good ones.
1.) Great leaders own their mistakes and don’t make excuses. Yes, great leaders make mistakes and they learn to recognize their weaknesses and then work to improve themselves … and others.
2.) Great leaders are positive. They look for the good in people. Constant negativity and criticism are counterproductive. One of the best things a leader can do to improve is to be solution-oriented. Look for what can be done, not what can’t!
3.) Great leaders offer ongoing recognition and rewards. Employees, just like leaders, have the desire to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Often, simply receiving some positive recognition is the most potent reward you can give someone.
4) Great leaders exude passion. Passion can take many forms. It does not mean you have to always be “on” but rather your people know that you care and they care that you know! You will know that you have become a great leader when people follow you and feel your passion.
These four steps can propel you to becoming a great leader. You might not feel like a great leader today, but you can always work to improve and achieve greatness tomorrow!

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