Dear Dr. Mimi – Overwhelmed

Dear Dr. Mimi:
I have been struggling to be able to advocate for myself at work. Recently, I feel like I have overcommitted myself to projects and have too many things on my plate. I am newer to the company and do not want to look bad if I speak up and ask for deadline extensions, but I feel way too overwhelmed to complete these tasks in time. What should I do?

Dear Overwhelmed:

It’s important to remember that advocating for yourself at work is an essential skill, and it’s OK to ask for help or extensions when needed. Begin by prioritizing your tasks and communicating with your supervisor or team about the workload. Be honest and transparent about your capacity and timeline and suggest potential solutions or alternatives. Remember that asking for help or clarification is not a sign of weakness, but rather a proactive approach to ensure your work is completed effectively and efficiently.
—Dr. Mimi