Dear Dr. Mimi – Questionably Questioned

Dear Dr. Mimi:
My co-worker constantly asks me personal questions that are not appropriate for the
workplace. Whenever I tell them it makes me uncomfortable, they apologize but continue to
pry. What do I do? I am upset with the constant questioning.
Questionably Questioned

Dear Questionably Questioned:

It’s important to set clear boundaries with your co-worker and let them know that their
behavior is not acceptable. Be direct and specific in your communication and let them
know exactly what makes you uncomfortable. If they violate your boundaries, stop the
conversation immediately by saying that you find their question inappropriate. If it
continues, report their behavior to a supervisor or HR. Document the incidents or
conversations that have taken place to provide evidence. Remember, it’s important to
prioritize your well-being and safety in the workplace.

Dr. Mimi

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