Develop Professionalism!

Professionalism is a characteristic that you should develop for the work environment. Characteristics of professionalism are knowledge, competence, respect, good communication, and appropriateness. Professionalism shows that you have good judgment while exhibiting a mature and suitable behavior. Here are some ways to achieve professionalism:
Dress to impress: Wearing appropriate attire for work will show that you are ready to be in that professional setting. It creates a great impression on others. Dress for the job you want, as much as for the job you have. It lets
people “see” you in that position. Clothes don’t have to be expensive to be appropriate and look good!
Develop good communication skills: Being able to communicate with your peers and your boss professionally is essential. Listen more than you talk! When you do talk, use proper grammar and avoid using words or terms that might be offensive. That applies to written communication as well. How you talk with your friends may not work for your business associates. Spell correctly. Don’t rely solely on your computer’s spell check!
Be productive: Use your time wisely. Focusing on your job responsibilities instead of nonwork-related activities will show your determination and motivation to get things done and will exemplify your work ethic. Get your work done on time, efficiently, and accurately.
We are often blind to our own mistakes. Check your work and/or ask a trusted colleague to check it for you.

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