Feedback Is Your Friend!

Feedback helps you learn more about yourself and your organization. Hearing others’ opinions can be used to make improvements, learn from mistakes, keep customers, find new ways to improve and … to continue things that already work! Feedback is reliable and insightful information since it comes from the people you serve. Both positive and negative feedback should be acknowledged and utilized. Listen to what is working as well as what needs work.
Some ways to collect feedback include:
Surveys: Whether yours is an online or in-person business, creating a survey with closed and open-ended questions can help you gather more information. Retrieving feedback with open questions can help your business to fix any issues that people have had.
Emails and phone: A follow-up email is a great way to receive suggestions, details, or improvements. Having a conversation will improve relationships with your people if you allow them to express any concerns or highlights of your business, without fear of retribution. Your job is to listen, not to rebut!
Social media: Social media, when used correctly, gives more feedback, access, and opportunities. Engaging with your followers allows them to comment/review your product or service. This gives you customer feedback AND more marketing!
Reminder! Feedback is your friend … when you use it!!

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