The Perfect Vacation for Various DISC Types

While DISC is mainly for the workplace, knowing DISC Behavioral Styles can help in a variety of scenarios, including planning your vacation. The DISC profile measures behavior and divides it into four basic styles, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. By knowing people’s DISC type, you can include vacation scenarios and activities that appeal to their type.
The D (Dominance) type is direct, decisive, and daring. They are less likely to preplan and are more likely to create a daily to-do list and enjoy mentally checking off activities and experiences. D’s like adventure, new places, and things to discover. They get bored lounging at the pool. They want options and the right to choose from them or find a whole new opportunity to explore and experience.
The I (Influencing) type is people-oriented, interactive, and upbeat. Having fun is a must. They enjoy lounging on the beach if they can talk with others while they lounge. They are friendly, outgoing, and optimistic and make new friends wherever they go. What they do is less important to them than with whom they do it. Like the D types, they are less likely to plan beyond the basics.
The S (Steadiness) type is serene and systematic. They like a plan and want to relax and interact with people that they already know. They enjoy returning to places that they have enjoyed in the past. They want to include others in any decisions and are enjoyable, easy-going, and caring travel companions.
The C (Conscientious) type is detail-oriented and analytical. They are careful checkers and their vacation is well-planned and within budget. They diligently research sights, their significance, fees, and operating hours. They prefer to book hotels, attractions, and restaurants in advance and will create a schedule and keep you on schedule.
Whether planning an outing or a long vacation, knowing people’s DISC type will help you get along and have a good time. DO the DISC!