If This Describes You, Call Dr. Mimi!

When you get upset, explode! Get angry at the next person who crosses your path. Your unfortunate victim will be so overwhelmed, they probably won’t respond and you can pretend that your anger is justified.

Don’t address issues. Nobody likes confrontation so if you want to alienate your employees, talk about them, not with them. As a result, people can blame each other. This creates chaos and people leave.

Let people know that you don’t want to hear any bad news. After all, if you are not addressing important issues with others, why should they bother you? Make your motto: Ignorance is bliss!

Create a wall around yourself. Stay in your own bubble. Keep yourself isolated. OK, you can have one or two insiders but let people know that these are your “pets” and no one else is welcome in your circle! In fact, if you make these pets your spies, it really will keep others from confiding in you!

Underestimate people’s intelligence. Assume your people are not smart enough to understand complex issues. Don’t ask for input or seek advice. If you, yourself, are having a hard time, how could anyone else have any ideas? This also helps limit the support you get later.

Don’t train your people! Why invest in training your people? They probably don’t want to advance. Be especially cautious about providing Leadership Training. After all, they might expect more from you as their leader and you certainly don’t want that!

Don’t prepare people for change. If change is coming, you don’t have time to communicate it and this can create a vacuum where rumors and confusion thrive. This results in lowered morale and lack of enthusiasm and you can say, “I told you they wouldn’t like it.”

By following these seven simple steps, you will increase the chances of your people feeling alienated. Who knows? They might even resign!

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