Get More Done With Less Stress!

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Work can be stressful, and you can feel overwhelmed trying to get everything done. Friday comes and you are thinking to yourself: This week flew by! Did I even accomplish the tasks I had wanted to? A less stressful and more productive work week is possible. Here’s how!

Use the Pomodoro Technique often called, Time Chunking. A great way to boost productivity and beat procrastination is breaking down tasks into smaller ones. Write your tasks on a checklist. Set a 25-minute timer, complete the tasks, and check them off. Then take a five-minute break and repeat. This technique makes you more productive because you are more aware of the time you have allotted and how you spend it.

Adjust your mentality. For example, instead of thinking, “It’s Friday, I’ll allow myself to take it easy because it’s almost the weekend,” think more like “I will finish the week strong and complete tasks until it’s time to leave so I can better enjoy my weekend.” Changing your mentality can help shift priorities and lead to a more productive work week and a less stressful weekend.

Do your more difficult tasks first. Most people put off more difficult tasks and justify it by doing smaller tasks and “saving” the hard ones for last. The psychological tendency to leave difficult tasks for last hinders productivity because, by the end of the workday, you are more tired and won’t have the energy and motivation that you need to complete it. By accomplishing these tasks early in your day, you not only have the energy to complete them more efficiently, but you will also create momentum for completing other duties throughout the rest of the day. Do the worst first and you will see a productivity spike.

The pressure of having to complete multiple and difficult tasks, meet deadlines, and show results can be discouraging and stressful. However, if you practice these ways to increase productivity and decrease stress, it can lead you to a much healthier work mindset and better results.

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