Seven Different Employee Motivations! What Motivates You?

  1. Achievement – This employee enjoys the satisfaction of completing their job. They know that their skills are valuable, and they desire to use them successfully. As a leader, provide them with challenging projects.
  2. Power – An employee with a need for power enjoys feeling “in charge.” They love to influence and persuade others. Find ways to give them some authority over others.
  3. Affiliation – An employee who has a strong desire for affiliation enjoys interacting with others and likes the social aspect of the workplace. To motivate these people, provide opportunities for collaboration.
  4. Autonomy – This employee prefers independence. They want to have the freedom to make their own choices. To motivate them, allow them to work independently rather than in a group setting.
  5. Esteem – This employee just needs honest praise. As their leader, provide lots of encouragement and recognition. Let them know that their work is noticed and appreciated.
  6. Equity – This employee simply wants to be treated fairly. They often compare their work hours, responsibilities, and privileges to their fellow employees and will be discouraged by any discrepancies.
  7. Security – This employee needs the security that comes with having a job. They are motivated by a steady income, health insurance, and safe working conditions. Find ways to give these employees predictable, low-risk assignments.

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